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Curtin University of Technology is an Australian university with its main campus in Perth, Western Australia. It commenced operations with its current name in 1986, and was previously known as the Western Australian Institute of Technology (WAIT). Its current name is taken from the former Prime Minister of AustraliaJohn Curtin.[1]

Curtin University of Technology is Western Australia’s largest university[2] with over 40,000 students, of which over 17,000 study offshore.[3]

  1. Overview

Curtin has a growing reputation for research success in a number of areas[4] including (but not limited to) Resources and Energy (e.g. petroleum gas), Information and Communication, Health, Ageing and Well-being (Public Health), Communities and Changing Environments, and Growth and Prosperity. It is the only Western Australian university to produce PhD recipients of the AINSE gold medal, the highest possible recognition for PhD level research excellence in Australia and New Zealand.[5]

Curtin has an increased profile in mainland China in recent years, with the Chinese government and industry involved in a number of business, management and research projects, particularly in supercomputing[6] and minerals and petroleum[7]. This has coincided with the increasing economic success of China’s industry and the Chinese economy and the growing role of Western Australia as an important exporter of minerals and energy[8] to China (notably iron ore, and petroleum gas exported as LNG – amongst the more significant mineral exports to China[9]). Enrolments of Chinese nationals in undergraduate and postgraduate and numbers of researchers originally from China working as Curtin staff have also increased. The Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao chose to visit the Woodside-funded hydrocarbon research facility on its campus during his visit to Australia in 2005.[10]

Curtin is also a partner[11] in the African Virtual University, a World Bank project. Curtin offers a three-year Bachelor of Business Administration, and a one-year Diploma of Business Studies via Curtin Business School (delivering BBA) and Kalgoorlie VTEC (delivering Dip Bus St) with the Faculty of Education providing scholarships for online learning skills development. The project is delivered via four partner institutions: Addis Ababa University (EthiopiaKigali Institute of Science & Technology (RwandaKenyatta University (KenyaUniversity of Dar es Salaam (Tanzania).

Curtin has over 90 exchange partnerships with universities in more than 20 countries.[12]

  1. Faculties

From 2007, the university’s teaching and research is divided into five faculties (previously known as divisions)[13]. These are:

  • Centre for Aboriginal Studies
  • Curtin Business School
    • School of Accounting
    • School of Business Law and Taxation
    • School of Economics and Finance
    • School of Information Systems
    • School of Management
    • School of Marketing
    • Graduate School of Business
    • Faculty of Health Sciences
      • Centre for International Health
      • School of Nursing and Midwifery
      • School of Occupational Therapy and Social Work
      • School of Pharmacy
      • School of Physiotherapy
      • School of Psychology and Speech Pathology
      • School of Public Health
    • Faculty of Humanities
      • School of Built Environment
      • School of Design and Art
      • School of Media, Culture and Creative Arts
      • School of Education
      • School of Social Sciences and Asian Languages
      • Curtin English Language Centre
      • Centre for Human Rights Education
    • Faculty of Science and Engineering
      • School of Science
      • School of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering
      • School of Civil and Mechanical Engineering
      • School of Electrical Engineering and Computing
      • School of Agriculture and Environment (Muresk Institute)
      • West Australian School of Mines
  1. History

Prior to 1985, Curtin University was called the Western Australian Institute of Technology (WAIT). WAIT was formed in 1966. Its nucleus comprised the tertiary programs formerly conducted in the Perth Technical College which opened in 1900. In 1969, three more institutions were merged with WAIT: TheWestern Australian School of Mines (originally opened in 1902), the Muresk Agricultural College (dating from 1926) and schools of physiotherapy and occupational therapy in operation since the 1950s at Shenton Park.[1]

In June 2005, Curtin University of Technology and Murdoch University were engaged in a feasibility study into the possibility of a merger.[14] However, on 7 November 2005, both institutions issued a press release that such a merger will not be undertaken.[15]

Robertson Library in Bentley campus.


  1. Student Guild

Curtin Student Guild Complex on the Market Day.

The Curtin Student Guild is the guild representing students at Curtin University. The Guild started as the WAIT Student Guild in November 1968.

In addition to student representation the Guild manages most of the food outlets on campus. The Guild Second Hand Bookshop, Guild Concept Store, Curtin Student Guild Childcare Centre and the Copy and Design Centre. The Guild funds many of the student clubs and societies on campus. The Guild also runs a number of events throughout the year, most notably are the Beach Bash held in semester one and Oktoberfest held in semester two. The Guild publishes Grok, the campus magazine which has the largest distribution in the country. The Student Guild is governed by students through the Guild Council. Student representatives are elected to their positions by students in annual elections held in September and run by the Western Australian Electoral Commission. The official spokesperson of which is the Guild President. The 2009 Guild President is Chee Lai.[16]

Postgraduate students are represented by Curtin Student Guild Postgraduate Student Association. CUPSA is a department of the Guild. Other departments include ISC (International Students Committee), Women’s, Queer, Indigenous, and Part Time and Mature Age.

Funding to the Curtin Student Guild has been greatly reduced when the Voluntary Student Unionism legislation came into force on 1 July 2006. The Curtin Student Guild has already experienced State imposed VSU from 1994-2002.

  1. Transport

Curtin has its own Bus Port, connected to the Transperth Public Transport Network. Many routes terminate/start at and run through this Port. With the recent completion of the Mandurah rail line, it has become easier to travel to Curtin. Students can alight at Canning Bridge Station, and then catch a bus, which goes directly to the university.

  1. Other campuses

In addition to the main campus at Bentley, Curtin has two smaller campuses in the metropolitan area. The Graduate School of Business is located in the Central Business District at 78 Murray Street in the renovated former Government Printing Office – a listed building on the State Register of Heritage Places, and listed in the National Trust’s List of Classified Places. The other campus is the Shenton Park Heath Research campus hosting NDRI (National Drug Research Institute).

The University Departments of Exploration Geophysics and Petroleum Engineering are located at the co-location research facilities of the Australia Resources Research Centre (ARRC[17]) which also houses offices of two CSIRO divisions (Petroleum Resources and Exploration and Mining), BHP Billiton, and National Measurement Institute. The ARRC is located in the Technology Park, Kensington, which is adjacent to the main Bentley campus. Some University staff, researchers and students on practicum work in other locations such as the Oral Health Centre of WA (OHCWA) in Nedlands [18] and at Royal Perth Hospital, amongst other organisations.

Curtin also has several campuses outside of Perth, notably those located in Kalgoorlie (Western Australia School of Mines), and Northam and Collie(Muresk Institute). The first two campuses reflect the university’s traditional strength in mine engineering and agriculture and resources (Muresk). A number of micro-campuses exist in locations such as EsperanceMargaret River and Geraldton. Nursing is the only course offered in Geraldton.

  1. 9 Sydney Campus

The Sydney Campus of Curtin University of Technology (Curtin Sydney) was established on 20 June 2005. Initially, the campus was located in The Rocksarea. It was later relocated to the suburb of Chippendale where it occupies the historic Berlei Building. Curtin Sydney offers foundation, diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate courses to students from all over the world.


Curtin Sydney is located in the heart of the city near Central Railway Station. The campus has been extensively refurbished, and offers campus-wide wireless internet access; E-Library with access to over 17,000 E-journals; latest IT setups in all classrooms. The campus has a large student lounge, study areas and a rooftop terrace.


Foundation Certificate of Commerce

Diploma of Commerce

Undergraduate Programs

Postgraduate Programs

  • Graduate Certificate of Professional Accounting
  • Graduate Certificate in Information Systems
  • Graduate Certificate of Finance
  • Graduate Certificate in Marketing
  • Graduate Diploma of Professional Accounting
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Information Systems
  • Graduate Diploma in Banking and Finance
  • Graduate Diploma in International Business
  • Graduate Diploma in Marketing
  • Master of Accounting
  • Master of Professional Accounting
  • Master of Finance
  • Master of International Business
  • Master of Marketing
  • Master of Information Systems
  • Master of Information Technology

ESL Program available – ACL EAP courses run on Sydney Campus


Work and Internship Placement Services

  • Internship Program: A work experience program offered to all (undergraduate and postgraduate) students. Students are placed in unpaid positions which are relevant to their area of study. The length of the internship is between 2-3 months

Job Placement Services

  • Recruitment company on campus one day each week to assist students in their search for part time employment.

Career Preparation Seminars

Free workshops held on campus bimonthly to provide students with skills in:

  • Resume writing
  • Job search techniques
  • Interview techniques and preparation
  • Time management and goal setting techniques
  • Motivation and leadership
  • Networking
  • Australian cultural sensitivities
  1. 10 Sarawak Campus

The campus in MiriSarawakMalaysia, is a significant development for the university. Curtin’s operations in Miri began in February 1999. In 2002, a purpose-built campus was opened as Curtin’s first offshore campus and the first foreign university campus in East Malaysia. Curtin Sarawak is the only approved CISCO Networking University in Miri and Brunei.[19]

  1. 11 Singapore Campus

Curtin University opened a Singapore based campus on 23 November 2008.[20][21]

  1. Alumni

Past Curtin attendees include:

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