A Demi Pair is a full time student and part time Au Pair with a Student with Permission to Work Visa.

The Demi Pair program was created to give everyone the opportunity to study and work in Australia. Whether you are a student looking for work opportunities or an Au Pair seeking to enhance your educational background, this program is the perfect money saving solution.

Demi Pair placements are available for applicants at intermediate level or higher who have some child care experience. Perth Demi Pairwill help student visa holders obtain the necessary work visas in Australia before being placed with a family. If you are on a working holiday visa you are also eligible to be a Demi Pair. The minimum stay with a family is 3 months.

You can work as a Demi Au-Pair on a student visa provided you are enrolled and attending one of our registered full time language courses.

Au-Pairs from the following countries can apply for a working holiday visa to Australia:

Germany, Denmark, Sweden, France, the Netherlands, Canada, U.K, Belgium, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malta, Norway, Hong Kong, Cyprus, Taiwan, Estonia and Finland.

If you are from Chile, Thailand or Turkey, you may be eligible to apply for a work and holiday visa (subclass 462), which provides similar opportunities for tertiary educated people aged 18 to 30. This visa has yearly quotas.

A a demi Pair, you will be part of an Australian family. EXCHANGE 15 hours of child-minding and housework for FULL BOARD, your own room and all meals.

You live as part of a local family while you study full time, helping the family with the children and light household chores.

Being a Demi Pair allows you to work and study in an English-speaking environment, developing your English language and learning the culture and lifestyle of an Australian family.

As an Demi-Pair, You should be;

· Open to different cultures and new challenges

· Caring and thoughtful with children

· Patient and flexible

· Have a positive attitude to your duties and family

· Reliable.

What is a Demi Pair?

A Demi Pair is a full time student, working as part time Au Pair.

A foreign girl who lives with a family doing housework and looking after the children in exchange for board and lodgings.

Why should I choose to be a Demi Au Pair whilst I study?

· Save the expense of accommodation and living costs

· Live with an English speaking family to learn the language quickly

· Experience the Australian culture and lifestyle

· Working with a family provides a comfortable and safe working environment

· Reduce the feeling of being homesick while studying away from home

Who is eligible?

Female applicants with a minimum age of 18 who are in good health and have some experience with baby sitting and assisting in home duties, references must be forwarded.

Male applicants will be considered but we have a limited number of families who will take a male. All applicants must have a first aid certificate.

Which Visa must I obtain to be a Demi Pair?

A valid Student Visa or a Working Holiday Visa with the Australia Immigration Department.

Can I get a Student with Permission to Work Visa before I leave my country?

No, this can only be applied for once you have commenced your studies here as your school has to complete part of the application form.

Do I need prior experience in childcare?

A Demi Au-Pair is not a qualified nanny, she works in the capacity of a helping hand, an assistant to the Mother sharing the duties of housework and childminding as required by the Mother of the family.

The student is required to list her experience of childminding and association with children and if possible supply references from the parents of any children she has taken care of.

What are the other requirements?

You should have a reasonable level of English, enough to communicate adequately with your host family (Pre intermediate /IELTS 5.0)

You should supply a police clearance certificate – required in Australia for all people doing voluntary or paid work with children

For some families, it is desirable that you have an international drivers licence. Some families prefer a girl who can swim

Do I choose the family?

No, the coordinator does the match based on the requirements of the family matching your application.

How long do I have to stay with a family?

You should be prepared to accept a Demi Pair Placement for a minimum of 6 months, with a maximum period of 12 months with a family.

Is it safe?

Yes, all placements are monitored. Participating host families are well-informed and always welcome International students. You live as a member of the family and the host make every effort to take care of your well-being; you will not feel like a hired-worker.

Can I change families? Or leave the family?

Only with the permission of the Demi Pair Coordinator.

Do I earn money as a Demi Au Pair?

No, you exchange 15 hours of duties for full board accommodation.

Can I work elsewhere and earn money?

Yes, you can if you get a tax file number and the hours of work do not interfere with first your studies and second the contract with your family to work 15 hours.

How to apply?

The International Education Agency – Australia does not charge any fee for arranging English study and Demi pair. However Demi Pair Administration companies’ placement fee is AUD$350 – 500.

What are the other requirements?

You must register with Working With Children as a volunteer child worker (costs AU$10)

You must attend a one day first aid certificate course in child care with St Johns Ambulance (costs AU$93)

With a Student Visa once studies have commenced you must apply to DIMA for a Student with Permission to Work Visa

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