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Diwali was recently celebrated at La trobe University

An important event all across India, the Diwali was recently celebrated at the La Trobe University International College by students and staff of all nationalities.

The event was a great success with an amazing turn-out of students, teachers and staff of the International College. The event started with the mythological play Ramayan, in which students of eight different nationalities took part, and was followed by a traditional Bhangra dance and folk song.

According to Zainal Khokhar who had the lead-role of Lord Ram in the play, “the event created awareness among all the students about the Diwali festival”. Foundation Studies and Diploma Programs student Eshan Arya, one of the directors of the play, said “the event brought all the students of different cultures together like a family”.  

The Director of the International College Mr Martin Van Run addressed the students in a traditional Indian welcome and the Principal of Foundation Studies and Diploma Program, Mrs Karen Demirtel, handed out certificates and awards to each student who participated in the play and dances.


source: La Trobe Times

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