Foundation Studies

Foundation courses help international students who may not initially meet entry requirements gain entry to undergraduate study at Australian universities and colleges. Therefore For international students, Foundation Studies provide an ideal pathway to undergraduate study at universities in Australia.

My Study in Australia Foundation Studies courses were introduced to meet the needs of overseas students from different countries and educational backgrounds. These programs (usually one academic year) prepare international students for entry into Australian universities.

There are two major advantages of studying a foundation course in Australia:

· Successful completion of a foundation course may guarantee entry into specific Degree courses at some Australian universities.

· Foundation courses allow students to ‘settle in’ to the Australian education system and life in Australia before they start university or college.

Some foundation courses have a flexible structure that allows students to enter at different times during the year, and at different standards of English language and/or academic competency.

Foundation courses are generally divided into subject streams, such as business or science studies, according to the student’s choice of undergraduate course.

Most foundation courses offer a range of compulsory and elective subjects, and English language support is often a major focus.

Schools, Vocational Education and Training (VET) institutions, Technical and Further Education (TAFE) colleges, and universities all commonly offer foundation courses to international students.

Many universities and some other institutions also offer ‘bridging’ courses, which are shorter, intensive courses designed for students who are about to enter a Degree course but do not meet assumed knowledge requirements, or who wish to be better prepared for university study.

Foundation courses usually offer some university-style teaching through lectures and tutorials. This makes sure that international students are familiar with this way of learning, and feel prepared for their Degree course.

Some foundation courses are taught at university campuses. The students of such courses have the advantage of having access to the university’s facilities such as the library and computer laboratories, as well as health and housing services, sports centres and student clubs.

Successful completion of a Foundation Studies program provides students with a guarantee of admission into specific degree courses within participating institutions and help newcomers adapt to a different academic environment and way of life. Many schools and vocational institutes, as well as universities, offer Foundation Studies programs.

Although most My Study in Australia Foundation Studies are of a one-year duration, for students capable of accelerated learning, some programs may only last nine or six months. Others may be expanded to allow students more time to prepare for university life in Australia.

Some programs have a flexible course structure that allows students to enter at different times during the year and at different stages of English language and/or academic level.

Different streams are often based on the student’s choice of undergraduate course, but most courses will include subjects such as, academic English and mathematics.

Some My Study in Australia Foundation Studies have a course structure that allows students to enter second year after completion of their Foundation Studies, thus student still finish university degree in three year or earlier without adding an extra foundation year. This My Study in Australia Foundation Studies is only available for some degree programs with some Institutions.

Average Tuition Costs

$A9 000-$A15 000 per year

General Entry Information

Students should generally have successfully completed equivalent to Years 11 and 12 in their home country. English language abilities will also be required. However, the standard will vary between institutions and it is recommended to check with each one individually. Please contact My Study in Australia for further details.



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