Williams Business College Promotion

Williams Business College offers SPECIAL EVENING CLASS OFFER

Williams is a premium business college in North Sydney with 80% local Australian students. Ideal for students with IELTS 5.5 or upper intermediate English who are serious about their studies and are looking for quality courses.


Yes, you can enrol

Diploma of Business Administration – 6 months ONLY 3200 AUD

Advanced Diploma of Management – 6 months ONLY 3800 AUD

1 year Business Package ONLY $7000 ( instead of 13,600 AUD)


Diploma of Business Administration & Advanced Diploma of Management

Pay in full 6000 AUDfor 1 year package Save additional 1000 AUD! for limited time only.




Why you should choose – Williams Business College?

  • 80% Australian students, both high school leavers and working professionals, experiencing the Australia way of living and making many Australia friends.
  • Limit to only 20% international from a wide range of countries
  • Offering Advanced Diploma in Marketing or Management, or a double qualification in both in just 12 months
  • Diploma in Business Administration
  • Certificate IV in Business
  • High quality teaching staff
  • IELTS 5.5 or upper intermediate English requirement
  • Beautiful environment, bright open classrooms with balconies overlooking park and open space
  • Conveniently located in North Sydney – bus from Wynyard to the door or 10 minute walk from the train station

Timetable: Monday – Thursday 5pm – 10 pm

Enrolment Fee – ONLY $200 (normally $300, save 100!)

Intake Dates: 18th December, 8th January, 6th February, 6th March Offer Ends: 31st December 2009

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