General Skilled Visa

This visa is suitable for people who are well qualified with work experience in their field. It aims to meet Australia’s skills shortages and gives successful applicants permanent residence. This visa is appropriate for those who hold a university qualification or trade qualifications.Skilled Visa

How it works

If you want to apply for this visa you must be qualified and under 45 years of age when you apply for this visa. Your nominated occupation, which fits your skills and qualifications, must be on the list of approved occupations for migration to Australia, which is adjusted by the Government from time to time. (Skilled Occupations List from DIBP) At present you can find managers, administrators, engineers, teachers, trade persons and most occupations in the medical sector on the list.

Before you apply for a visa you have to obtain a positive skills assessment by the relevant Australian skills assessing authority.

You also have to show recent work experience for a period of time in your field, or in another field that is on the skilled occupation list. In addition you have to show threshold English and also meet the health, character and public interest requirements.

To be granted this visa you must pass what is called the Points Test. Points are allocated for qualifications, age, English language ability, work experience, your spouse’s skills. Extra points are given to those applicants who have family in Australia, who have Australian qualifications or those with skills in demand.

Skill Select

From 01 July 2012, the Australian Government introduces an online service called SkillSelect. Intended applicants will need to record their details through an Expression of Interest (EOI). Applicants can then be nominated by Australia employers of state and territory governments through the SkillSelect model. An invitation is required before an application for a visa can be submitted.